Insolvency Services

Fulcrum Australia

We are Liquidators of the Australian subsidiary, which was the trading entity in Australia.

The Fulcrum Aus Pty Limited (In Liquidation)

We are Liquidators of the Australian trading entity.

On our appointment, there we no staff in the office, no assets and the business of the New Zealand Subsidiary, The Fulcrum Limited (In Receivership) (In Liquidation) was sold to a third party.

Our preliminary investigations into the company’s affairs, and key tasks undertaken include:

  • the company had significant contracts with key Australian financiers;
  • the third-party purchaser, had meet with and offered company staff positions, in the lead up to our appointment as liquidators;
  • reporting the potential phoenix trading operations to the regulators;
  • pursuing outstanding debtors, and have commenced litigation against debtors; and
  • liaising with employees and FEG regarding employee claims.